Chandler Assembly Student Ministries

Welcome to Chandler Assembly Student Ministries or C.A.S.M! A "chasm" is 1. a deep cleft in the surface of a planet (as the earth) : a gorge 2. a marked division, separation, or difference. This is exactly what we aspire to be, a Student Ministry that desires the "deep" things of God; to take our relationship with Christ beyond the surface level, and discover that we have incredible potential as "a marked division, separate, and different" appointed to achieve His will for our Lives! 

Every Wednesday night @ 6 pm we open our state of the art Student Center complete with cafe', game-room, and Sanctuary that seats 200+! Service, which begins at 7 pm sharp, includes games, Connect Groups with our CASM Crew leaders, live worship, challenging and inspirational teaching from the Word of God, and most importantly a weekly opportunity to respond to His ALTAR! We also support our world Missionaries through Speed the Light. 

The time is now to prepare for your Future! Come join us as we Passionately, Pursue, God's Purpose! As we follow Christ, we accomplish more than we could have ever imagined! Look forward to Your Visit!